Ghostwind Appaloosa - Foundation at its Finest

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All of our 2013 foals are SOLD! 
Please check out our 2015 foals page! All Foals are here!

Limited breedings available for 2016

We have 2 mares in foal for sale and 2 long yearling colts for sale. Look on Sale Barn for more info and pricing.

Welcome to Ghostwind appaloosas!

Welcome to our home on the web. We specialize in foundation appaloosas from the Frank Scripter breeding program.It is our mission to preserve and improve upon our foundation appaloosas. We breed for not just color, but temperament and conformation. Our horses excel in all around work. English, Western, and distance riding. If you want the best all around horse you need a foundation appaloosa. All of our horses run barefoot (bare hoof :P) They are raised outside and adapt to weather, rough terrain, and natural care. Our appaloosas have manes and tails! 


We also offer paso fino/appy foals. These foals are the ultimate in gaited pleasure.


We are located on 20 acres in Caledonia, Ohio. Visitors are welcome with appointment.

Please contact us for any more info.